Stories Are Essential


Have you ever been in a business meeting where someone stands at the front of the room going over slide after slide of numbers, facts or statistics? If you look around I can bet that most of the audience were falling asleep in their chairs struggling in vain to keep their eyes open. Or maybe they turned toward their devices or conversation with each other. Everywhere but the presenter.

Sound familiar?  As it turns out most of us have been in this kind of meeting at least once in our lives and we retain next to nothing from it. Planning Friday’s dinner might have been a better use of time.

This is how your audience or customer feels about brands and marketing that focuses on click bait and a salesy approach. (“Yes I love that 500th feature you have explained about that product – let me purchase it and spend my hard earned money” said no one – ever!)  It is successful at first but eventually it gets lost in the noise of other ads and routine activities. Connect with your audience and make them pay attention!

How? Share your story! It is not a new fact that we are all connected and experience more in our day-to-day lives. Our customers are well versed in the ins and out of business – they are aware we are trying to sell them a service or product. They are after a brand they can connect with and believe in. This is why videos have become so popular. They deliver content that is assessable and genuine.

Take the time so share what makes your business unique and the behind the scenes, nitty-gritty content that used to be hidden. Take a look at why you started your business and share your journey!

Make your customer a part of your continued story. Take advantage of social media and have a two-way conversation. Check out the ideas below to get started: 

7 Topics That Share Your Brands Story

1.    Why your company exists

2.   What makes your business and/or employees tick

3.   Why your customer should support your brand

4.   Behind the scenes

5.   Stories about the people who work with your company

6.   Why a customer finds value in your brand

7.   What problems you solve for your customers

Take a look at this TEDx video for further inspiration! Make sure you comment below or send me a message and share your thoughts!