Social Media Needs to be a Conversation


Social media is not just for traditional marketing, it is an essential tool for engagement and fostering brand ambassadors in any organization. For you to be successful, content is key. Social media allows for a prospective client to gain an understanding of what your organization may look like from the inside. Why is this important?

Today, almost every person is connected via social media, this provides you will a real-time audience and conversation outlet. Just about anyone can create a social media account and attract some followers but not everyone can start an ongoing conversation that is meaningful. Social media requires time, commitment and effort, as with any relationship and not every platform will work, so choose wisely.

Simply put, the better your content the more your audience will become engaged and view you as a resource. People that are engaged tend to stay that way. With clear and honest content, prospective clients gain an understanding of the services you offer and the culture of the organization. This will act as a draw for most and they will scope you out across social media platforms to seek out knowledge. When clients are looking for an answer to their questions or needs – the internet and social media is often their first choice. We use the internet to conduct research and rely on third-party verification to confirm our choices. Social media offers us and our clients the opportunity to review third party reviews and confirm the information they have received is honest and accurate. The details matter to your client as they help your client to assess the trustworthiness of the advice they are getting and allow them to judge how well that advice applies to their own situations.

Facebook posts, pictures, tweets, blogs, LinkedIn discussions and YouTube videos all become a base for the community to gain an understanding of who you are, your values and what your business does. They act as a valuable resource that any prospective client can connect with and provides a wealth of research.

Social media platforms should become an extension of your brand but also provide content that your audience will find meaningful. Share what goes on behind the scenes and provide relative information such as community events or articles from subject matter experts. Above all, make sure all communication is genuine and stay away from a sales pitch.

When a business has a transparent voice, your client or audience can feel a connection and have opportunities to freely start a conversation that can develop a rapport over time. Pay attention to who is writing the posts for your social media platforms and the messages they convey. Posts written by front line members for example are more valuable to your audience. It is perceived that their voice is speaking from experience and comes across as authentic and clear. Take the time to get to know your audience and shape your posts accordingly.

A content strategy should be in place in order to take advantage of social media. Develop a strong plan with message goals and engagement opportunities such as pictures, questions, facts or stories. Building a social media audience takes time and will not be achieved overnight but, it is one of the most powerful tools available. Remember that every post on social media is an extension of a relationship you want to build with future clients, stakeholders and members of the public. Connect with all members of your audience.